Living a life with debt can be overwhelming. You may feel suffocated and become frustrated when trying to get it under control. If these struggles are not addressed, your physical and mental health will be negatively affected. Overcoming these struggles is no easy task, but the road to becoming debt-free will be a major learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. I owed $134,617 in student loan debt. I felt anxious and depressed over my debt, and it was on my mind all day, every day.

I reflected on this way of thinking, and I knew it was not healthy. I had to find a way out of this situation. I took action and clearly defined my goals, gained a strong grasp on my financial situation, and developed a well thought out strategy on the approach I was going to take in paying off my debt. This process was the foundation to my success in paying off my debt in a matter of four years, while simultaneously saving thousands of dollars in interest.  Being debt-free has been a weight lifted off my shoulders and has felt like a new beginning. The topics here are practices, procedures, and guidelines that helped me overcome my debt. My hope is that the material here will be a guide to get you through your journey.