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We offer best practices and techniques that provide a
disciplined approach to paying down debt.

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A mindset-focused approach to
overcoming debt

Becoming Debt-Free is mostly mental. While income is important, the path to becoming debt free is difficult without a proper mindset throughout the journey. A proper mindset will allow you to take the disciplined approach needed in order to pay down all of your debt in a timely manner. We offer those best practices and techniques that encourage the mindset required to accomplish your goals.

Strategy Enhancements

Our services help to guide you in becoming debt free and provide the mental tools needed throughout the process.

Debt Tracking

Keep account of all your debts, the months and dates at which they will become paid in full and determine what it will take to get there.

Financial Overview

Track all finances including income, debts, expenses, and savings. Get a big picture view of all your finances in order to effectively become debt free, and stay debt free.

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Basic Plan

  • Financial Assessment
  • Finance Overview
  • Debt Tracking
  • Savings Overview
  • Disposable Income Calculation
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Pro Plan

  • Determine Payoff Strategy and Rank Debts
  • Schedule Automatic Reduction towards Account Debts
  • Populate Tools and Calculators with Profile Data
  • Schedule Reminders
  • Export Finances as PDF
  • Individual Amortization Chart per Debt
  • Date and Months to Payoff for each Debt
  • Date and Months to Payoff for All Debt
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Tracking with Attainabilty Analysis



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Visit our tools and calculators to help manage your debt and finances.

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The Debt-Free Plan

Learn more about the effective processes and techniques
available for paying off your debt.

Manage Your Debt

Due to the processes and techniques found on The Debt-Free Me, I have been successful in paying off all my student loan debt in an admirably short period of time.

Living a life with debt can be overwhelming. You may feel suffocated and become frustrated when trying to get it under control. If these struggles are not addressed, your physical and mental health will be negatively affected. Overcoming these struggles is no easy task, but the road of becoming debt-free will be a major learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. I owned $134,617 in student loan debt. I felt anxious and depressed over my debt, and it was on my mind all day, every day.